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Been a good year so far. Lots of fun stuff coming up in what's left of 2019! I'm down to 205 lbs and have been holding there for a year now. I feel better than I have in a long, long time!

Upcoming Knife Events:

We have the Grudge Match out in Pigeon Forge, TN coming up September 27-29th, hosted at Robby Bowman's place ( The Grudge Match ) I'll be there with about 40 other FiF smiths. After that, here locally we have the Texas Knife Show held in Conroe, TX November 16th ( Texas Custom Knife Show ).

I've added several of my latest knives to the page so be sure and scroll through the gallery for those. Lots of daggers and big blades. I'm about to do quite a few bird and trout knives with pearl, ivory and cool fittings.

If are the gentleman who ordered a pair of matching tanto knives, please contact me via the contact form on this site. I am missing contact info for you since I moved. I need to get your knives to you!

Be sure and check me out on the History Channel's series Forged in Fire, Season 4 - Episode 15, aired August 8th 2017, but I'm still in reruns sometimes! After creating a double edged dagger from canister damascus, I built a Gladiator's Scissor weapon as the finale and was named champion of that episode. The whole experience was a blast! Click on the "Knifemaking" tab above to go to the page where I show how I built the Gladiator weapon.

I'm an avid medieval re-enactor, knifemaker, armourer, gunbuilder, cannoneer, father of three, husband, certified health physicist and environmental nuclear engineer!



Don "Krag"

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