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I've been making medieval armour and knives for roughly 25 years. and still love getting out and hammering things out by hand.  I am a part-time knifemaker and unfortunately, only have limited time these days to work on bladesmithing. I still try and host small workshops on knifemaking basics in addition to creating new items for sale. I've gone through many renditions of a "shop" ranging from a corner of an apartment patio, to a 35'x50' barn, to the two-car garage I use now.  I love showing new persons that you don't need a huge shop and $100,000 in equipment to make quality knives.

My favorite blade styles are Migration Era  seaxes , 1800's bowies and rendezvous knives, traditional Japanese tanto, and modern "tactical" knives. My favorite steels are 5160, composite blades of wrought iron over 1084, 15n20/1080 damascus., cable damascus, and W1.

Take a look through my gallery and you'll get a feel for my typical blade styles. Please don't hesitate to contact me about a style not shown. I've made hundreds of knives and only have a fraction shown in the gallery and I'm always up for something interesting!

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