F-S Dagger
Cable Damascus Fairbairn-Sykes dagger done with a cable damascus blade, stainless fittings and synthetic ivory handle.
Harvey Skinner 2
3.75" D2 steel blade, stabilized Hurricane Harvey Driftwood handle
Harvey Skinner 3
4.25" long, wide pattern 80CrV2 skinner blade, stabilized Hurricane Harvey driftwood handle.
4" 80CrV2 blade, brass and carbon fiber fittings, Stabilized Hurricane Harvey Driftwood handle with antler spacer.
Seax 8
Carved rosewood handle with bronze and mammoth ivory fittings, composite-welded blade using wrought iron spine, 7-layer wrought/1095 core, and 1084 steel edge.
Apocalypse 2
One of my Apocalypse Series Knives. Slight Brut-de-forge finished 80CrV2 blade, with wrought iron fittings and carbon fiber handle.
Wedding Gift
Parkerized 5160 blade with black G10 handle and bead-blasted aluminum guard. Wedding gift for Brother in Law. Nobody died, or bled significantly, at the reception!
Pigsticker 1
Wrought iron over 1084 san-mai blade, wrought iron fittings, elk scales over full tang handle with mother of pearl inlay. A knife-hog-hunting blade for a local customer.
Rondel Dagger
Rondel dagger with 14" 5160 steel single-edged blade, coarse wrought iron and brass fittings, bone handle.
12.5" Blade, wrought iron over 1084 high carbon steel, bronze and wought fittings, stained bone handle.
8" differentially hardened 5160 blade, heat treated 4130 steel D-Guard, etched with scroll work and "CSA", antler handle.
Drop Point
Cable Damascus drop point hunter with ironwood handle and nickel pins.
14" bladed seax, pattern welded blade, 1050 spine, 1084 blade edge, antler handle, wrought iron fittings.
9" 5160 steel blade, bronze fittings, bone handle.
10.5" blade, 5160 steel blade, differentially hardened, G10 handle with mother of pearl inlay, wrought fittings, made for Lt Col Jim T, carried in Afghanistan.
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Drop Point

Cable Damascus drop point hunter with ironwood handle and nickel pins.